Mar 21, 2018

Eat Only One Meal A Da, Can We Lose Weight?

Eat Only One Meal A Day
Eat Only One Meal A Day

Lots of people are still confused how to lose weight. Most of them have not found the right way.

Some argue that by reducing the intake of food can certainly be effective weight loss, eg only by eating once a day. Effectively lose weight?

Quoted from the Health Line, to lose weight we must limit the daily caloric intake. Maybe the idea of eating once a day is in line with the caloric intake. But there are some things to know.

1. Food intake

Can eat once a day, but is the nutritional content sufficient for our body? Usually we will not calculate how many calories or macronutrients that enter, but instead focus on satiety when eating.

Diet is okay to do, but the nutritional content should also be considered. We still have to consume essential nutrients, such as carbohydrates, proteins, healthy fats, and vitamins.

2. Meal time

If you eat only once a day, what time do you choose to eat? Morning, noon, or night? If you choose the time of night, maybe the diet this way less effective. But if you choose the time of day and accompanied by exercise will be more optimal in losing weight.

3. Eat a snack

By eating once a day the body still needs a small but nutritious intake like a snack. Choose snacks like fruits to keep the weight up.

4. Less good for diabetic patients

Diabetic patients should control their blood sugar levels at all times. By eating once a day instead of losing weight, it is actually a declining health.

Mar 20, 2018

5 Trusted Tips Can Make Your Dreams More Exciting

5 Trusted Tips Can Make Your Dreams More Exciting
5 Trusted Tips Can Make Your Dreams

A beautiful dream is a sleeping flower that everyone really wants. Experiencing beautiful dreams makes the mood when you wake up for the better and feel better.

Dreams are strongly influenced by people's thoughts and feelings before going to sleep. Well, some of these tips mentioned mempu make sleep blessed with beautiful dreams.

Anything? Summarized from various sources, the following 5 tips are believed to make your dream more fun:

1. Color room

Calm colors like blue and green are called to make sleep more soundly. Decorating rooms in blue and green gives the impression of a safe and comfortable, which can make dreams more beautiful.

2. Cover the glass

Having a glass or mirror in the room can distract before bed. Sleep becomes not relaxed. It is recommended to cover large glass and mirror with cloth before bed.

3. Aromatherapy

If you like aromatherapy fragrance, there is no harm in lighting a candle or using aromatherapy oil before bed.

4. Dream journal

Keep a dream journal regularly. Writing out the beautiful dreams you remember awake can make the brain's frequency connect with a positive aura.

5. Sleep hygiene

Practice good sleep hygiene routine by not turning on the television in the room, not using the gadget before bed, tidy up the room, and keep the air cool.

Mar 19, 2018

This is the reason Bananas Suitable Eat Before Sports

This is the reason Bananas Suitable Eat Before Sports
This is the reason Bananas Suitable Eat Before Sports

Exercising should not be done on an empty stomach. Experts say that for maximum exercise benefits, there are some foods that are recommended consumed before exercise.

Jordan Mazur, R.D, a nutrition and nutrition expert from the United States, said the food with complex carbohydrates is eaten well before exercise. In addition to the body's energy sources, carbohydrates are also easily digested.

Bananas are one source of complex carbohydrates that are well consumed prior to exercise. In addition to carbohydrates, bananas are also high potassium content is good for muscles.

"Banana is a natural power bar generated by the earth, high in carbohydrates and potassium, bananas are suitable for consumption before the sport," he said, quoted from Men's Journal.

The same thing was also expressed by David Nieman, Director of Appalachian State University Human Performance Laboratory. Bananas are better consumed than sports drinks.

The reason is, the sugar content in sports drinks is meant to be a source of energy. Well on bananas, not only sugar, but also other minerals such as potassium and vitamin C.

"In addition, bananas also increase the production of dopamine in the brain, make a sense of satisfaction after the sport getting bigger, and sports done dengna more pleased," he said, quoted from Shape.

Feb 25, 2018

5 Myths about Hypertension and High Blood Pressure

Indeed, hypertension can be prevented and controlled by adopting a healthy lifestyle such as exercise for at least 30 minutes per day, reducing salt intake, and routinely performing an early check and check blood pressure regularly.

Well, public education about the disease high blood pressure and hypertension should also be increased. One of them by no longer trust the myths surrounding hypertension.

Anything? Summarized from various sources, the following 5 myths about hypertension and high blood that should no longer be trusted:

1. Up the ladder make hypertension

Climbing the ladder can indeed increase blood pressure, just like any other physical activity. But going up the stairs will not cause a person suffering from hypertension because once completed, blood pressure will gradually normal.

2. Young age can not get hypertension

It is not true that hypertension only attacks the elderly. Hypertension is now increasingly being found in younger populations, especially as lifestyle makes blood vessels weaker and risks school and work stress.

3. High blood pressure must be hypertension

Blood pressure changes throughout the day. Blood pressure will increase when you are tense, stressed, or nervous. To be diagnosed with hypertension, should be further examination and diagnosis of physician.

4. Coffee triggers hypertension

Coffee caffeine in coffee can indeed increase blood pressure. But coffee consumption does not necessarily make a person experiencing hypertension.

5. Often angry signs of hypertension

Anger is more due to personality and psychological factors, has nothing to do with hypertension.

Feb 24, 2018

Pregnant Women Need To Limit Consumption Of This Tea Type

Pregnant Women Need To Limit Consumption Of This Tea Type
Pregnant Women Need To Limit Consumption Of This Tea Type

When pregnant there are times when we
want to drink tea right, Bun? Well, we need to know ya if there are some types of good tea limited consumption when pregnant.

Some tea is good enough even when we are pregnant, for example ginger tea that can help relieve morning sickness. According to Kara Manglani, midwife and child nurse from New York, it's okay for pregnant women to drink ginger tea is not excessive.

"I recommend ginger tea for women who experience nausea and vomiting and uterine cramps early in pregnancy, because ginger can help overcome nausea and cramps," he said quoted from Insider.

What about black tea? Kara says black tea is generally safe to drink when women are pregnant but the amount should still be limited. According to Kara black tea is 'generally considered safe' but he recommends that women limit their consumption to less than four cups a day.

Plus, we need to see the caffeine content in the tea yes, Bun. So make sure we do not drink too much caffeinated tea. Choosing tea decaf version (caffeine removed) can also be an alternative you know.

Green tea is also considered safe, but we need to be alert with the content of caffeine. Kara says, like black tea, green tea is usually considered safe for pregnant women, but again we need to pay attention to its caffeine content.

Kara said, think twice before drinking peppermint tea or chamomile in the first trimester of pregnancy. If we are a connoisseur of peppermint tea, if need be arrested first our desire to sip tea during pregnancy yes.

"It's good to take a break not to drink peppermint tea and chamomile during the first trimester.This is to avoid us from things we do not want.

Perpermint can cause very mild contraction of the uterus, for it is good consumption of chamomile tea is avoided by pregnant women, "said Natasha Richardson, founder of Forager Botanicals and herbalist on pregnancy, quoted from her dissertation.

If our nausea is getting worse but on the other hand we do not want to consume excessive ginger and peppermint, Kara said, we can use other ways like using aromatherapy. Then, what other tea that the amount of consumption should be limited? That is red raspberry leaf tea, Bun.
If we have been pregnant before, we may have heard of red raspberry leaf tea and its potential to help make labor easier. But, we must be careful when drinking especially during pregnancy.

"Some studies have suggested it may help contractions of the uterus and shorten the delivery time, I would avoid red raspberry leaf tea in the first trimester, but recommend it in the third trimester to help ease labor," Kara said.

If according to Natasaha, if we want to drink red raspberry leaf tea every day, it may be useful to keep drinking it after giving birth. This is because the red raspberry leaf tea is rich in calcium, can help improve milk production and speed up the recovery of the uterus. Kara said, some tea with herbs and spices such as licorice should be avoided.

"Avoid licorice tea because licorice is estrogenic and can cause premature births and fetal anomalies, as well as black and blue cohosh, which can lead to premature births and miscarriages," Kara said.

In addition, avoid Dong Quai tea yes, Bun, because this tea can cause uterine contractions that trigger a miscarriage or premature birth. Also avoid ginseng tea because it can cause birth defects and fetal growth damage. Additional other herbs such as cinnamon and aniseed in tea also have the potential to cause uterine contractions and other problems.

"At present, information on the safety of herbal tea during pregnancy is limited, but most of the tea tends to be safe, but because of this risk in general, I recommend that women limit tea intake to a maximum of four cups of tea per day and avoid trying to drink a variety of teas. overall caffeine intake during pregnancy up to 200 mg per day, "said Kara.