6 Powerful Benefits Ocimum Basilicum for Health

6 Powerful Benefits Ocimum Basilicum for Health - gohealthy.tk
6 Powerful Benefits Ocimum Basilicum for Health
Basil leaves commonly used as vegetables. Aroma leaves a very distinctive, strong yet gentle.

As fresh vegetables, basil leaves are usually eaten together leaves of cabbage, sliced cucumber and sauce to accompany chicken or fried fish.

Besides as fresh vegetables, basil was also beneficial to health. Here are the benefits of basil to health: 

1. Treat fever 
Basil leaves are rich in phytonutrients and healing oils, which make the basil leaves are very effective in curing malaria and dengue fever. Boil basil leaves that has been refined and augmented with tea. For a high fever can also use a decoction of the leaves of basil, sugar, and milk mixed with powdered cardamom and added with about ½ liter of water and then the mixture taken to reduce fever. 

2. Maintaining eye health 
The content of vitamin A which is commonly owned basil helps maintain eye health. Beta-carotene is very good for eye health and prevent eye diseases - unwanted diseases such as nearsightedness, cataracts and others. 

3. Helps treat cough 
Basil leaves have long been used to help treat coughs. The action held basil leaves is believed to dilute phlegm and relieve itching in the throat when coughing. You can eat it directly created as fresh vegetables, made tea or basil leaf decoction drunk when warm. 

4. Smooth blood flow 
The benefits of basil to help the blood vessels and heart to relax, as well as blood flow in the body will remain smooth. This is because in the basil leaves contains magnesium. 

5. Foster bone 
Basil leaves it also helps bone development, because the content of phosphorus and potassium in it that are useful in the formation of bone and organ development, thus also preventing bone loss problem. 

6. Relieves fever and colds 
Basil leaves can relieve fever and colds suffered by children under five. The trick Take a few leaves of basil, then kneaded together onion and palm oil, and then applied to the abdomen, chest, and back toddlers.

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