How To Choose The Right Insurance Products

How To Choose The Right Insurance Products -
Insurance Products
Are some things that must be considered when determining insurance products that will be used by myself or the company where you work. Here are some tips on how to choose the right insurance product.

1. Separate objects/goods based on economic calculations

Select items are indeed considered it necessary for the insured so you have nothing to lose. For example, if You want to take a fire insurance for homes and perabotnya, then there is no need to enter the computer along with the trimmings into the calculation. This is because the value recovery for computer companies is very low when compared to the value at the time of purchase of a computer or when it will be insured.

2. Identification of the object/item is clearly

It is advisable to identify in advance against goods/object it will be insured. For example, in a garment factory with machines that are owned, genset and other equipment that is still associated with the activity of production of the factory.

3. Select the insurance company with a good reputation

Don't be easily be deceived by the low premium rate quote from a particular insurance company. If you wish to be deceived, then the insurance companies feared could not complete the payment of the claim at the time you filed the claim against the insurance company.

4. Give information/description clearly

It is recommended to provide captions very clearly about the objects/goods to be insured. In addition, the search for the best available information-learn more about the insurance products offered. You can ask about the type of insurance, premium rate, extensive warranties, the amount of fare paid and the claims procedure.

5. A good insurance coverage Coverage

You should choose the most extensive collateral insurance before the insurance company issuing the policy. For example, select cover property all risks property insurance for building, or cover all risks insurance for motor vehicles.

6. Select the insurance product package

It is recommended to choose one insurance package all at once rather than choose one insurance products only, in this way you will obtain the services and facilities of a better piece.

7. Select the system First Loss Insurance

If you have an object with a very large value, it is recommended to use the system first loss insurance from the insurance. This is intended so that you have to pay premiums does not become too large.

8. Adjustable System Policy

The amount or value of the insurance stock merchandise will generally show the different volumes per day and per month. To overcome this, you can choose the system of adjustable policy so you will pay a premium based on the volume of transactions or indeed you have done.

9. Carefully and ask

It is advisable to always read carefully all policy statements along with pasal-pasalnya. You can also inquire about the procedure of claim in full prior to approving the issuance of insurance policies. If there is an error in the writing, it's good to share on the insurance so they will publish improvements on these policies.

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